City of Medford WI Police & Fire Commission Meeting Minutes. Wednesday, June 27, 2018; 1:00 PM; Conference Room, City Hall

City of Medford WI Police & Fire Commission Meeting Minutes. Wednesday, June 27, 2018; 1:00 PM; Conference Room, City Hall


Call to Order/Roll Call; 

Chair Jim Elliott called the meeting to order with the following members present: Jim Elliott, Brian Hedlund, Roger Ewan, Brent Hallgren, and Dave Koester. Mayor Mike Wellner was absent. 

Open Meeting Law Compliance 

Chair Elliott announced that this was an open meeting of the Police & Fire Commission. Notice of this meeting was given to the public at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting by forwarding the complete agenda to the official City newspaper, The Star News, and to all news media that have requested the same as well as posting. Copies of the complete agenda were available for inspection at the City Clerk’s Office. Anyone desiring information as to forthcoming meetings should contact the City Clerk’s Office.


Personnel Present 

The following City personnel were present: Police Chief Bryan Carey, Lieutenant Rob Horenberger, and City Clerk Ginny Brost.


Visitors Visitor present was David King-Star News.  

Citizens and/or Delegations Comments  

No citizens or delegations addressed the Commission.


Introduction of New Member  

Chair Elliott introduced Brent Hallgren, the new Police & Fire Commission member. No Action Taken.


Election of Officers 

Chair Elliott opened the floor for nominations for Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the Police & Fire Commission. Roger Ewan moved, Brent Hallgren seconded a motion to nominate Jim Elliott for Chair, Dave Koester for Vice-Chair, and Brian Hedlund for Secretary of the Police & Fire Commission and to close the nominations and to cast an unanimous vote for Jim Elliott for Chair, Dave Koester for Vice-Chair, and Brian Hedlund for Secretary of the Police & Fire  



Election of Officers  Continued


Commission. Roll Call Vote: Jim Elliott-Yes; Roger Ewan-Yes; Brian Hallgren-Yes; Brian Hedlund-Yes; Dave Koester-Yes (5 Yes; 0 No) Motion Carried. Jim Elliott was elected as Chair, Dave Koester was elected as Vice-Chair, and Brian Hedlund was elected as Secretary of the Police & Fire Commission. All terms are for one year.



Dave Koester moved, Brian Hedlund seconded a motion to approve the July 24, 2017 Police & Fire Commission minutes and place the same on file in the Clerk's Office All in favor: All Aye. Motion Carried.



Review of Police Activities  

Police Chief Carey and Lieutenant Horenberger presented the Police Department Annual Activities Report. The report included: (1) Increase in requests from the community businesses to provide presentations on workplace violence and active shooter training as well as assistance in implementing a safety plan should a workplace violence incident occur. Office Jason Lang is a trained instructor in this area, and has been key in giving these presentations. Businesses that the Police Department has assisted are Wadal Plastics, Enerquip, Marshfield Dental Clinic, Medford Area School District, and Holy Rosary School. (2) The Police Department has also assisted Holy Rosary School and the Medford Area School District in registering for the safe school grants. (3) The Police Department partners with other local government agencies such as Taylor County Human Services and the Taylor County Health Department to work on various boards and committees. Some of the Committees include the Taylor County Drug Opposition Partners, Drug Endangered Children and Consolidated Resources Team. These programs seek to improve the health and safety of the community, and to broaden the lines of communications and information sharing between the agencies to better help citizens in need. (4) Reviewed a breakdown of the calls for service from 2017 to June of 2018. (5) Pictures of various types of community events the Police Department personnel have attended. (6) Discussed equipment and projects. (7) Reviewed an article in the Star News regarding Officer Jason Lang, and a letter of appreciation from the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office commending them on their actions. No Action Taken.




Dave Koester moved, Roger Ewan seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:00 PM. All in favor: All Aye. Motion Carried. Meeting Adjourned.    


Respectfully Submitted,


Virginia Brost

City Clerk, WCPC/MMC


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