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Conference Room Use Policy 
(Library Board adopted 2/18/02; revised 7/12/04; revised 10/10/05; revised 3/12/07; revised 01/20/15)

It is the policy of the Board to encourage the widest possible use of its conference rooms by the community. Limits on the use of meeting rooms are established to provide as much access to the meeting facilities as possible to as broad a range of organizations and groups as possible.

When not needed for activities related to the Library, the rooms will be available for use by educational, cultural, civic, and community service agencies and such other purposes that promote the welfare of the community.

Authorization for use of the Library conference rooms by community agencies or individuals will not be considered as an endorsement or approval of the activity or its content, a group, an organization, any individual, or the purpose it represents.

Admission charges may not be made and no items or services may be sold or advertised by for-profit groups using the meeting rooms. Activities of the Library, Friends of the Medford Library, and the City of Medford are exceptions.

Uses and Priorities Among Users:

The priorities are as follows:

Library Sponsored or Co-sponsored Programs

  • Governmental Agencies
  • Service Agencies
  • Use by the General Public

 Regular Library activities have priority for all space. 

  1. The Director or his/her designee has the prerogative to cancel the use of a conference room reservation if the room is needed for Library use
  2. Conference rooms will not be used for parties or celebrations that are essentially private in nature such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other similar parties


  1. There is no fee for use of the conference rooms by non-profit agencies
  2. For-profit agencies can rent either conference room for a user fee of $10.00 per use, paid in advance

Room Reservations:

The Library reserves the right to cancel or suspend any permission granted to any group or organization violating these rules and regulations or for any other reasonable reason.

  1. An individual over the age of 18 must make the reservation and must agree to assume responsibility for the actions of the participants
  2. Reservations will include acceptance of responsibility for proper use of the facilities and any Library equipment used.  A Meeting Room Agreement and Reservation form, attached as Appendix G, will need to be completed
  3. Reservations may beaccepted up to six (6) months in advance of meeting date
  4. Reservations for the use of the conference rooms may be made by telephone or in person with the Library staff during the Library’s open hours on a first come first served basis
  5. The Library has two (2) conference rooms that are available for public use:
  6. The large conference room:
    1. Seating for up to fifty (50) persons
  7. May be used during and after Library hours. Use of the conference rooms during other times when the library is regularly closed must be approved by the Director and may be subject to staff availability
  8. If usage of equipment requires a staff member present an hourly fee of $25.00 will be charged
  9. Reservations for evening use of the large conference room are limited to no more than three (3) meetings in advance
  10. The small conference room:
    1. Seating for up to twenty (20) persons
  11. Available only during Library hours

 User Responsibilities: 

  1. Users agree to follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations and hold the Library harmless for any violation
  2. The user will assume full responsibility for any damages to the facility and replacement of equipment in the event of damage or loss
  3. Persons attending meetings are subject to all Library rules, regulations, and policies
  4. Programs must not disrupt the use of the Library by others. Groups who disturb Library activity or Library users will be denied future use of meeting rooms and may be asked to leave the building
  5. Users of the small conference room must vacate the room ten minutes before closing time or they will be denied permission to use the facility
  6. The user is responsible for any cleanup after the use of the conference room.  A clean-up fee of $25.00 will be imposed on any group not adhering to this requirement.  Fee must be paid to maintain the privilege of conference room use

Equipment Reservations: 

  1. An organization may provide and operate its own equipment for presentations
  2. Some Library equipment is available.  No charge will be made for use of equipment which is kept in the conference rooms
  3. Equipment needs to be requested at the same time the conference room is reserved


  1. A kitchen unit is available for serving refreshments
  2. No alcoholic beverages or smoking will be permitted



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