Property Tax Payment Information

Property Tax Payment Information



Residents of the City of Medford, please take notice of the following tax requirements:

(A) Real estate taxes of $100 or more may be paid in two installments:

  1. ½ on or before January 31st
  2. ½ on or before July 31st
(B) Real estate taxes of $99.99 or less must be paid in full by January 31st.

(C) Should payment by installment be chosen, the first payment must include all personal property, special assessment and delinquent tax charges.

(D) Should tax payment by mail be chosen, the date of payment will correspond to the postmark date.

(E) First installment payments are payable at the City Hall, 639 South Second Street, Medford, WI 54451 by January 31st. Dog licensing is due by March 31st.Click here for information on credit card payments.

(F) Second installment payments are payable at the Taylor County Treasurer’s Office by July 31st.

(G) For reasons of security, you are hereby requested to offer tax payments in form of a check, i.e., personal, cashier’s, etc. Should you be unable to meet this request, payment in currency will of course be accepted.

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